GoChild is created for my daughter in kindergarten to learn Go.

3rd Generation Web Game. Play now!

Seeing my daughter in front of TV watching and singing along with tons of commercial makes me feel lousy. So I try to use Go board and stones to teach her how to play the game, but 10 minutes later my daughter is teaching me how to arrange stones as beautiful flowers on the board. One day a good idea hit me and I spend some time creating GoChild software. Since two and a half months ago, I use GoChild to teach my daughter the game with positive and effective result. Using family photos/videos and cartoon music video, I successfully trigger her learning spirit. She has now mastered 41 levels and 479 questions, plus knowing the winning concept of Go game. When we are enjoying family photos and videos of past four years, my wife also likes to join us. Few days ago my wife who does not like Go asked me "What can we do after Ko is created?". This is really a huge and unexpected success!

2nd Generation Beta
1st Generation Ver 3.842

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